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Pink Lemonade Bars (Communist Tart)

In Brownies and Bars, Fruits, Tarts/Pies on August 21, 2013 at 1:01 pm
From Summer 2013

When my father suggested writing a guest post after having watched “The Manchurian Candidate” with me,  I thought he was kidding. But a few days later, the first draft of his post lay in my inbox. In a discussion of the politics of fear, he wittily ties my raspberry lemon bars to an insult (“communist tart”) heard in the movie. 

When I was little, pink lemonade was believed to be a rare and exotic flavor. It was my favorite Jolly Rancher flavor, worth its double of green apple or watermelon. Precisely how pink lemonade differed from yellow lemonade seemed never to be a point of discussion. Perhaps we assumed the lemons were pink as pink grapefruit are pink. Read the rest of this entry »

Fresh Fig Tart

In Fruits, Tarts/Pies on September 24, 2011 at 1:13 pm
From Summer

As my school life resumes, I’ve finally fallen back into routine, and life has picked up its pace once again. Gone are the days when the only recurring structure to my day was waking up and falling asleep. I can’t plan my activities on a whim any longer, nor can I decide to change the course of my day well after it has started. I’m now bound to schedules and after school activities, to homework and long hours spent in the confines of a classroom. But surprisingly, I quite like it.

Around the end of August, I fell into sad resignation at the realization of how quickly the days were passing by. As the first day of school crept closer, each fleeting night became a rerun of the last. Just like every evening before, I found myself snuggling my face into my pillow, breathing away the melancholia and trying to suppress my anxiety at the thought of starting my sophomore year of high school. Read the rest of this entry »

The Daring Bakers Make Crostate

In Daring Bakers, Tarts/Pies on November 27, 2010 at 7:22 pm
From Adriana Baking

Ever since starting my food blog, I’ve become interested in the preparation of food.  By the time six o’clock rolls around and my parents are in the kitchen making dinner, I hover behind them. On days they are cooking with onions, I can’t help but stir the thin, translucent layers as they bubble in a  fragrant coat of olive oil, turning crisp and brown at the edges. And if they are frying a cut of beef, I’m always standing nearby, inhaling the scent of butter wafting up from the pan.

Since the weather is finally cooling down, we’re enjoying hearty, satisfying stews made by my mother while I’m away at school. I can’t help her when I’m gone, but after coming home and recounting my day to her, the first words to inevitably slip out from between my lips are, “What’s for dinner?” Read the rest of this entry »