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Bacon Brownies

In Brownies and Bars, Savory on April 25, 2010 at 7:41 am
From Adriana Baking

When I was younger, I used to play a connection game that I invented. I would think of something; anything. Most times something very random. Then I would wait for some time while my thought would slowly turn into a new one, until the thing I had started thinking of in the beginning would have morphed into a completely new thought. And then I would trace back all the different thoughts I had to the very first one, thinking about how amazing it was that the two were related.


Let’s say that you were thinking of a chocolate bar. The creamy smooth chocolate coated your mouth while you swallowed a bite, and it was dark and rich. It was hot outside, and the chocolate bar started to slowly melt in your hands, so you put it in a bowl. To dip strawberries in. Because sweet and sweet are good. But still, it was too. . . plain? Ordinary? Read the rest of this entry »

Colin’s Homestyle Corn Dogs

In Savory on April 1, 2010 at 7:46 am
From Adriana Baking

Last summer, while we were visiting our friends, we stopped by a little candy store packed full of all sorts old fashioned treats.  There were Moon Pies, meter long sticks of bubblegum, huge gummy bears, and the old Charlie and the Chocolate Factory playing in the back of the store.  We all loved the place so much, we decided to go back there every year when we visit them.

I love  making up traditions every year.

Most foods that I eat bring me back some place in time.  Baby back ribs scream the 4th of July, and the taste of a grape Popsicle brings back the very feel of a hot summer’s day.  Every year for my birthday, I ask my father to make corn dogs.  It’s a tradition that has been in our family for  years now.  He will get out the big frying pan and fill it with oil, then cut up each hot dog so that it is half the size of  commercial ones.  We also have root bear floats for dessert, and my mother makes homemade sushi. Read the rest of this entry »