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Homemade Pasta Tutorial

In Pasta on March 8, 2010 at 4:21 pm
From Adriana Baking

This morning I woke up with plans for the perfect day in my head. I had dreamed all night long about what I would bake and blog about in the morning.

I love making plans for the day with the times all written out, then being a couple of hours ahead of schedule. I still get that happy feeling every time I realize I have a few extra hours to spend. It is sort of like the feeling you get during daylight saving time. A whole extra hour in the day to spend any way you wish!

Homemade pasta was one of those things to blog about on my schedule, better than any store bought pasta you could ever find. It has a kind of airiness to it; it’s light and fresh, and absolutely irresistible. We’ve had it three times in the last couple days, and we are having it again for dinner tonight. Need I say more? Read the rest of this entry »