Baking Goals

There are a couple baked goods that I have always wanted to try, but never got around to making. I would be reading a blog, and find a recipe that sounds interesting. Then, it would be someone’s birthday, and I would be sure that there was a special cake I wanted to make for them. Except I wouldn’t remember what kind.

On this page, I’ll keep a list of things I want to make, and cross them off as I make them and blog about them. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you; just post a comment!

1.Bacon brownies (I finally made bacon brownies, but would not call them successful).

2. English Muffins

3. Any kind of layer cake (I made a layer cake for my sister’s birthday, in the form of violin, which she plays).

4. Brigadeiros (Made ginger, cocoa, and cinnamon brigadeiros).

5. Baguettes

6. Ice cream (I made all kinds of ice cream).

7. The perfect chewy brownies (I have yet to find a chewy brownie recipe that isn’t too sweet).

8. The perfect chocolate chip cookies (I made chewy chocolate chip cookies).

9. Cheddar crackers (I made cheddar crackers, but never blogged about them).

10. Cake pops

11. Apple pie

12. Tangerine Meringue Tart with a chocolate crust

13. Homemade oreos (These chocolate pepper cookies were a twist on the classic oreo)

14. Croissants

15. Doughnuts ( I made Pioneer Woman’s doughnuts)

16. Chocolate Souffle

  1. Adriana- Have you ever tried making scotcheroos? (don’t think I spelled it right 🙂 )They are kind of like rice krispies with chocolate on top. Except they are different.

  2. Natalie– Thank you for your suggestion! I have in fact never made them, so I might give them a try.

  3. Funny! I Love to bake too, but have yet to make home made apple pie!

  4. i luv ur blog adriana ur the most amazing baker i kno!!!!! luv u!!! and i luv how u set up goals in cooking!!!! miss uu!!!

  5. […] About Me|Recipe Index|Baking Goals| […]

  6. bagels? I love making bagels. English muffins are on my list.
    graham crackers? i made homemade smores. nothing better than homemade graham crackers.

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