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Hi! My name is Adriana.

I’m 13, (now 17) years old, and I love to bake.

My obsession with baking started a little less than a year ago.  Towards the end of April each year, my school has a yard sale. Most kids sell old toys they want to get rid of, or crafts they make.  But there were always a couple food stands selling drinks and cookies.  That year, I knew that I wanted to have one of those food stands.

I started planning a week before the yard sale, wanting to make everything from fresh lemonade to homemade pretzels. Before that day, I had never tried my hand at baking all alone. My mother was always in the kitchen watching and guiding me. It was the first time I baked by myself, and I was proud. From the start of the week I spent baking, I fell in love.

Since then, I’ve learned so much and expanded my horizons considerably. I am always eager to try new things, and I don’t mind learning from my mistakes.  I am no longer the cautious 13 year old girl I used to be in kitchen; baking is as comfortable and familiar to me as it can get.

Sometimes, I wonder where I would be if  I didn’t have this wonderful hobby. Baking has helped me in many, many ways.  I am much more confident than I used to be, and not just in the kitchen.  I am not shy to let people taste what I bake anymore, because I know that I put a lot of effort into it, and that it tastes good.  I even get to practice math in the kitchen:  How many teaspoons is 2/3 of a 0.25 oz packet of yeast?

I also love to bake because it is so rewarding. There is nothing better than  giving away freshly baked cookies to your next door neighbor and watching their reaction as they take their first bite.

After a couple months of following more than seventy food blogs, I decided to start one of my own.

With the help of my blog, I hope to inspire someone to bake, like I was inspired by the blogs that I read.  I hope that somewhere in the world, someone will try their hand at baking and become hooked like I did that week  at the end of April.

If you want to receive my blog updates, you can subscribe by email or in a reader on my homepage.

Feel free to contact me at ibakebittersweet[at]gmail[dot]com

  1. Hey Adriana,

    This is Sarah. Ingrid told me about your blog, and i did subscribe. It really looks good, and i am going to try some of the recipes!

    Great job!!!

  2. hi adriana, this is great i love all your recipes!! i miss you sooo much and i am so trying almost all of them 🙂 im probably going to send you a cook book for your birthday 😀 i miss you!
    bye, sarah

  3. This is such a great site! and I love that you’re 13 and you already have the baking bug in you! I think that’s when I started becoming obsessed too. :)Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you so much Becca! Your comment just made my day! 🙂

  5. I’m a Huge fan!!! ❤

  6. […] About Me|Recipe Index|Baking Goals| […]

  7. I love your blog!!! It inspired me and I looovvveee you!!! I try to bake whenever I can and that is because of you!!! I love you!!! thank you!
    hehe!!! & Je t’aime!!!

  8. Hi Adriana,

    I am Ingrid’s cousin and she told me about your blog 🙂 I absolutely love it! You are very talented. Should I expect to watch you cooking on tv in a few years?
    I will try some of your recipes soon, promise.

  9. Hi Samar,

    I’m glad you like my blog! Let me know how the recipes turn out once you try them out!

  10. Hi Adriana! Wow I didn’t realize that you had not been baking very long! What I tried of your stuff (at your party) was awesome! Keep up the good work!

  11. I am so glad that you started your blog.:)

  12. Hey Adriana!
    Thank you so much for the comment on my website (So You Think You Can Cook). I like adoreee the name, Bittersweetbaker that is pretty genuis! I randomly thought of my blog name, none of the ones I wanted were available! Question: How did ya find my blog? Also, you’re 14? That’s AWESOMEEE! And how did you do the recipe index??


  13. Adriana, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog again ( Came here to find out a little more about you and am shocked you’re only 14. You’re site is so well written and organized, the food you make always looks delicious, and your photography is well…what I’m currently aspiring to. Keep going, it’s obvious you have a talent.

  14. haha, we’re the same age with a somewhat same story(i also started at thirteen, we both find comfort in baking and it took me several months of following a ton of other blogs to start my own :D)
    Your blog looks amazing 😀
    ~Dee D.

  15. You are an inspiration, Miss! Age 13/14 is when I became interested in baking/culinary arts, too. My passion keeps getting bigger and bigger =)

  16. Adriana, you are amazing! I can see a wonderful future for you. Your blog is a pleasure to read, and I only wish I had your writing skills! Your baking surpasses mine as well, and hopefully I will learn a thing or two by following you. Nicely done!!

  17. I just discovered your blog and I’m amazed! You are so talented. Keep doing what you’re doing 😉

  18. Hi Adriana, you are really a talented girl (in both baking and photography), i will try some of your recipes ^^
    nice to meet u today 😉

    PS. i will send u my portfolio via email.

  19. Hey Adriana, i just love going on your website and looking at what you baked. Everything just looks so good! I hope your enjoying your winter break! 😛 🙂

  20. Your chocolate butterfly cake is thee most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. Are you really 14?


  21. Adriana!
    I loveee your blog 😀
    You have such great talent, in photography and in baking!
    Im so inspired!

    -Mika (:

  22. Your blog has inspired me to create more recipes your the best i know!!Layla

  23. Im ten and i have a passion for bakeing i love creating dishes. Your have the best blog ever.Your dishes are amazing do you have any tips for me to do better . Layla

  24. I was SO surprised to find out that you’re only 15 years old. You definitely come off as an old soul. Much braver than I was at your age (which wasn’t really that long ago…). Keep up the awesome work.

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