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Cardamom Affogato

In Ice cream on July 23, 2013 at 8:13 pm
From Summer 2013

I’ve been composing posts in my head since the beginning of February. The first was one to celebrate my blogoversary, now long past. Another was about my experience at the international music festival I finally placed into in March. The next related the stress the International Baccalaureate wreaks on its candidates, expressed my sadness at the closure of another school year, and come summer vacation, confided my tendency to fall swiftly in love with new cities. The topics seemed endless.

In my head, the words come naturally, the sentences flow. But now, as I’m finally attempting to write for my blog after months of writing in my mind, I’m struggling. The formality of sitting down with the intention of writing a post stamps out all ideas. And it certainly doesn’t help my writing rut when I haven’t baked anything worth sharing in months. Read the rest of this entry »