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Rich Coffeecake with Sweet Cheese Filling

In Yeast Breads on June 23, 2011 at 9:06 pm
From Adriana Baking

I find it difficult to believe that my freshman year of high school is officially over. With every passing year time seems to hurry by faster, and this year was no exception. Memories of specific events from the beginning of this year are hazy and the details are just out of my grasp, but my thoughts and opinions from the start of high school remain clear.

Along the course of the year I would often try to remember my first impressions of high school to compare them to the reality I was living. My impressions weren’t too far off – I thought I had a set of teachers that fit me perfectly, but the precise mix of personalities in my class painted a rowdy picture of raucous teenagers with no patience for learning. Unfortunately,  this painting burst to life almost every class, leaving our teachers exhausted, and I with a growing desire to switch classes. Such strong personalities often tend to imprint themselves onto their classmates’ minds, and in my case, their constant chatter and tireless energy fortunately grew on me and have left me with fond memories. Read the rest of this entry »