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Double Chocolate Loaf

In Cakes, Chocolate on May 19, 2011 at 5:51 pm
From Adriana Baking

Much has happened these past months, from celebrating my fifteenth birthday to reacquainting myself with the familiar process of spending time baking each day.  Seemingly, I’ve put my blog on hold, left it to rest on the back-burner for almost two months. But sitting patiently behind the backdrop of my blog, this post has been in the works for weeks.  I visited it time and again, trying in vain to put my thoughts into words. With its stitched up sentences and half-formed ideas, it was a constant source of despair to me, a reminder of how long it had been since I last posted. I got caught up in believing that it was too late to write, and the thought dragged me in, a vacuum growing with each week that flew by.

I’ve returned in hopes of waking my dormant blog and fueling it with my words and thoughts once again. I’d like to tell you that the reason to my absence is due to a lack of time, and that I’m squeezing this post in between piles of unfinished work waiting to be completed, but that would be inaccurate: as time wore on and my work load receded, I feared that my will to write had as well. Because the truth is, I was just feeling lost. I tried getting to the heart of the matter to understand why I’ve kept my distance, but even now, back and typing out a post, the true reason eludes me. Read the rest of this entry »