A Successful Bake Sale!

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2010 at 12:58 pm

A couple weeks ago I asked for suggestions on what to sell at the annual yard sale/bake sale our school has every May. Thank you to everyone who left a comment; they were greatly appreciated!

It costs $20 dollars to get a table at the bake sale, and the money goes to charity. I started making lists of what to bake weeks before, because I knew that I would not have much time to plan with all the end of the year school exams.  I wanted everything to be fresh the day of the bake sale, so I baked everything  across a time span of three days, which made it stressful. During those three days I learned a couple of things. Most importantly, I discovered that I do not work well under stress.  I had to stay up to midnight one night to finish making meringues that collapsed halfway through the whipping process, and another night I hurriedly made two batches of blondies, one almost perfect, the other one not so much.  The meringues turned out fine, though they were a little cracked because I impatiently opened the oven door  while they were baking. The reason I like to bake is because it is relaxing to me. When I have to bake a lot of goods in a little amount of time, baking turns from the enjoyable hobby I love to something I have to get done. Nonetheless, the bake sale was a fun experience. I loved seeing peoples’ faces light up as they realized I was selling homemade pretzels, (which were by far the most popular), and how they downed a cup of ice cold lemonade.

I also learned that business is hard. I had to decide how much I should sell the cookies and bars for so that I would make a reasonable profit. I was supposed to buy the ingredients to figure this out, but my mother said that I could do this another time, as I was pressed for time.

I think that everything turned out fine at the end of those three long days. We definitely made a good profit, and I had fun doing what I love, even if it was stressful.

You may have realized that there are no pictures to accompany this post. Our computer screen died, so I can’t upload pictures until it gets fixed. I am using the laptop to blog, and it doesn’t have the program I need. Next week it will hopefully be fixed!

  1. Lovely sweet blog and am glad to hear about the Bake sale!!!

  2. Hey Adriana! thanks for your comment on my post! it’s so cool that we share the same name!!! and the love for baking! I’m definitely making the baked alaska for my coworker’s birthday soon! it’s very summery! keep checking the blog, hopefully my recipe will be helpful!

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