Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and My New Ice Cream Maker

In Ice cream on May 16, 2010 at 5:43 am
From Adriana Baking

I have always wanted an ice cream maker.  From the time I was 10 when we hand-cranked blackberry ice cream with my cousins in their backyard, to just last year, when I was sweating in the sweltering heat of summer. Ice cream has always been my favorite dessert.  It brings back memories of happy summer days, when school was something distant and far away.

I love the way a spoonful of strawberry sorbet melts on my tongue, and the tang of frozen yogurt. I love the way ice cream can be silky, smooth, and rich.  It can be decadent, refreshing, and sweet, all at the same time.

My grandparents are visiting this week, and they brought the ice cream maker I have always wanted with them on behalf of my parents, as a late birthday present. Just imagine my delight when I took it out of their suitcase, all sleek and shiny, and set the freezer bowl in the freezer so I could have homemade ice cream the next morning. For breakfast. I used the vanilla bean ice cream recipe from David Lebovitz, and started making the base that day, because it had to chill in the refrigerator. I never felt more at home as I cracked and seperated eggs, and scraped the seeds out of the vanilla pod.

From Adriana Baking

PS: I’m still looking for ideas on what to sell at the bake sale next week. See this post to comment!

The next day, when I poured the liquid base into my new ice cream maker, I was doubtful it would become more solid, like ice cream is supposed to be. But a mere 15 minutes later, I had the most delicious tasting soft serve vanilla ice cream.  I froze it for a couple hours, and then invited my friends J. and S. to come taste it. I am sure they liked it. The ice cream is very rich, seeing as it contains 5 egg yolks, a cup of milk, and 2 cups of cream. And the flavor is anything but ordinary. The vanilla tastes exotic, and it comes through strongly. I ate my vanilla ice cream plain, but my father wanted some caramel sauce to go over his. I think that would have been a shame, as the vanilla flavor by itself is already so nice.

The texture of the ice cream is amazingly silky and smooth. It melts in your mouth right away, leaving behind a puddle of creamy goodness. I really could not be happier with my ice cream maker.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Recipe from  David Lebovitz
Makes a quart of  ice cream

1 cup (250ml) whole milk
A pinch of salt
3/4 cup (150g) sugar
1 vanilla bean, split lengthwise
2 cups (500ml) heavy cream
5 large egg yolks
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

Heat the milk, salt, and sugar in a medium saucepan. (I waited until I saw the liquid steaming.) Scrape out the seeds of the vanilla bean with a paring knife and add to the milk, along with the bean pod. Cover, remove from heat, and let infuse for an hour.

Set up an ice bath by placing a 2 quart bowl inside a large bowl partially filled with water and ice. Put a strainer on top of the smaller bowl and pour in the cream.

In another bowl, stir the egg yolks together. Reheat the milk until warmed, then gradually pour some hot milk into the yolks, constantly whisking to keep the eggs from scrambling. Once the yolks are warmed, scrape the yolks and milk back into the saucepan and cook over low heat. Stir constantly and scrape the bottom with a spatula until the mixture thickens into a custard that coats the back of the spatula.

Strain the custard into the heavy cream and stir the mixture until cooled. Add the vanilla extract and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled, preferably overnight.

Remove the vanilla bean and freeze in an ice cream maker.

My ice cream looked like this after churning in the ice cream maker. I froze it another 2 hours before eating it.

From Adriana Baking
  1. I love how you describe the taste and texture of the ice cream it sounds divine. Can’t wait to see what else you make out of your new ice cream machine!

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  3. I loved the ice cream!!!
    I’m sad because in America we won’t get your homemade ice cream.
    Also I think it’s good without caramel sauce.:)

  4. I got an ice cream for my birthday a year ago and I think its one of my most prized possessions, outside of my book collection. The way it can make a pint of soft, delicious, beautiful ice cream from a bowl of milk and cream seems like magic. I’m not usually a fan of vanilla (most storebought vanilla ice cream is too sweet for me) but this looks delicious. I hope you have a lot of fun (and a lot of ice cream) with your ice cream maker!
    – Sarah

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