Perfect In Pink Piggy Cupcakes, and Swiss Meringue Buttercream

In Muffins and Cupcakes on March 9, 2010 at 2:24 pm
From Adriana Baking

I wake up every other morning at 6:30 on vacations and weekends to go jogging. Like I find peace in baking, I also find peace in running. I blank out and don’t think about anything, just enjoy hearing the pit-pat of my feet as they hit the ground. This morning when I got to the track there were a couple other runners there. Some were warming up and walking, while others were already running. It was already getting hot, and as I started to jog, I could feel the heat creep around my neck, then linger there for a couple seconds before being washed away by a cool breeze. It was peaceful this morning; the birds were chirping and the sea was still. But as I got to my fourth lap, my knees started to hurt and the sound of my feet hitting the ground was no longer a pleasant pit-pat but a loud thump-thump.

By the time I crossed the finish line, I could hear my heart beating loudly, but still, I kept on going, around the track one last time, and across the finish line once again. I was satisfied. When I got home, I threw off my shoes and went straight to the shower, ready to feel the cold water on my sweaty, hot body. Bliss. . .

But only half as good as these Pink Piggy Cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.
The idea and recipe is all from 17 and Baking. Her piggies look a million times better than mine, as my piping skills need some work.

From Adriana Baking

The cupcakes underneath the buttercream are very easy to make. They’re about as moist and flavorful as chocolate cupcakes will get. That might also be due to the fact that I accidently doubled the amount of melted chocolate. . . I halved the recipe, but didn’t halve the chocolate.

From Adriana Baking

The buttercream is delicious, but very sweet. I’m going to try reducing some of the sugar next time I make it.
It’s also a lot of work. . . If you don’t have an electric mixer. I don’t. I almost gave up because my arm was getting so tired. I was about to ask for my birthday present early: a hand held electrical whisk. I knew it was in the car. . . Buttercream is supposed to curdle at first then smooth out, but mine was not getting thicker nor lumpier.

From Adriana Baking

I pushed myself a little longer, and I’m so glad a did. 50 whisk beats after, I got this:

From Adriana Baking

Okay, I thought, at least it’s curdling. In my experience, after it looks like that, it takes a couple more minutes for it to start curdling even more, then finally smoothing out. But my arm was getting really tired, and I didn’t think I could whisk ever again. I thought a bit. What would a do with all this unfinished buttercream? Throw it out? No way! So I started again. This time, I beat it really hard. And literally three beats after, I had this!

From Adriana Baking

So I added my red food coloring. . .

From Adriana Baking

Amazing! A buttercream that barely curdles, and tastes delicious!

Chocolate Cupcakes (No step by step pictures here, it’s pretty easy)!
Adapted from Gourmet
Makes 3 dozen standard cupcakes

3 oz semi-sweet chocolate, finely chopped
1 1/2 cups hot brewed coffee
3 cups sugar
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 cups unsweetened cocoa powder (not Dutch process)
2 teaspoons baking soda
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/4 teaspoons salt
3 large eggs
3/4 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2 cups well-shaken buttermilk
3/4 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F and line 36 cupcake tins with paper liners.

Combine the hot coffee and chopped chocolate. Let it stand, stirring occasionally, until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth.

Sift together the sugar, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl and set aside. In an electric mixer, beat the eggs until lemon-yellow and thickened, about 3 minutes. Slowly pour in the oil, buttermilk, vanilla, and melted chocolate mixture, beating until well combined. Add sugar and beat on medium speed until just combined.

Fill the cupcake tins 2/3 full and bake 17-23 minutes. Cool completely on a wire rack before frosting.

Martha’s Swiss Buttercream
From Martha Stewart
Makes about 4.5 cups

1 1/4 cups sugar
5 large egg whites
2 cups (4 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature, cut into pieces
1 tsp vanilla extract

Place egg whites and sugar in the heat-proof bowl of an electric mixer. Set over a pan of simmering water and whisk until sugar is dissolved and the egg whites are hot. [I rub the mixture between my fingers and it should feel completely smooth.]

Move the bowl from the pan to the mixer and, using the whisk attachment, beat on high speed until the whites have cooled to room temperature and formed stiff peaks (about 10 minutes.)

Add the butter one piece at a time, beating until just incorporated between additions. [If the buttercream curdles simply keep beating and it will come together, do not panic!] Add vanilla and beat until just combined.

Beat with the paddle attachment on the lowest speed to eliminate air pockets and smooth the buttercream. If you’re going to use it soon, cover and store in a cool environment until needed. If not, you can refrigerate buttercream (tightly wrapped) for up to 3 days. When ready to use, bring to room temperature and then beat on low speed with the paddle attachment until smooth.

Piping the cupcakes: Once cupcakes are cooled, make a buttercream of your choice and use a few drops of food coloring to dye it pink. (You could probably use something natural, too, like beet juice, some kind of puree, etc. You could also add fruit or some pink flavoring, I just stuck with vanilla.)

Fill a piping bag fitted with a 1/4″ tip. Pipe a ring of frosting around the edges of the cupcake, then fill it with a single layer of frosting. Use a small offset spatula to smooth it – you’re left with the pig’s “face.” Pipe a large circle or oval near the bottom of the cupcake and use the spatula to smooth it out, this is the pig’s nose. At the top of the cupcake, pipe two dots while dragging the tip up – this creates two triangular ears.

I used melted chocolate to form the eyes and nostrils. You could black icing gel, small candies, or mini chocolate chips.

  1. hi Adriana yumm the piggies we ate the other day


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